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About the skin care

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It is quite common that we easily get attracted to beautiful things. Thus, it is our nature to keep ourself beautiful. As a first step in achieving this, skin care holds an important place.


The idea of skin care is as old as human civilization. In fact, there are series of myths and stories are related to skin care. Like it is said that pollens of plants were used to take care of the skin. And how can we forget the most famous Queen of history- Cleopatra. It is said her secret of glowing skin lies in bathing with milk and honey.


A good skin care not only helps in glowing the skin, but makes you feel good from inside also. Include skin care into your daily routine and see the difference. One of the basic aspect of skin care that is applicable to all skin types is healthy diet and drinking adequate amount of water everyday. Stay away from fast foods and take green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits- that is secret of healthy and glowing skin. The second aspect is choose skin care according to your skin type and try to include natural ingredients in your skin care.


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