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Dock and Marine Deicers

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A Dock Deicer Protects Docks and Boats

Ice formation around your boat, dock, or marina can cause costly damage to your hull or dock. Ice has been known to smash docks, “jack” pilings from the bottom and even crush boat hulls.


A dock or marine deicer is designed to prevent ice formation around your boat or dock.


Choosing a Dock Deicer

Deicers all work on a common principle, using an electric motor and propeller to draw warmer water up to the surface to prevent the formation of ice in a target area. We offer the full lines of the two most popular deicer brands: Kasco and Powerhouse.


Kasco Marine Deicers are built around a simple, rugged design, consisting of a heavy duty motor surrounded by a stainless steel protective casing. Kasco de icers are ideal for applications where they will be subjected to continued operation and rough handling.


Powerhouse Ice Eaters incorporate a shroud which enables the user to direct water flow more precisely than the Kasco unit. Powerhouse offers more configuration options than Kasco does, and utilizes slightly more efficient motors in their larger units.


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