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Use the least toxic de-icers you can afford

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De-icers are more effective with less snow in the way. And it's possible that by assiduous shoveling, you can avoid the need for de-icers altogether by preventing ice build-up.


The best choice is CMA. Though pricey compared to salt, new production methods may soon make it cheaper. Potassium acetate (KA) is another promising alternative. It has not been studied as extensively as CMA but appears to be similarly benign and to work at colder temperatures than either CMA or salt. Next best is calcium chloride. Though a salt with similar impacts to sodium chloride, it can be used in smaller amounts -- which is doubly good as it is also more expensive than sodium chloride. Urea is sometimes billed as a less toxic de-icer, but is a "nutrient" that can cause lakes to eutrophy -- so do not use it.


Many products are mixes of different de-icing agents. A mix of sodium chloride or calcium chloride and CMA or KA is better than one of the salts alone. Read the ingredients list on the label to know what you're getting, rather than relying on claims of environmental safety.


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