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Seasonal Hand Care

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Are seasonal changes affecting the delicate balance of skin on your hands? Do you suffer from exceptional dry hands in winters or oily hands in summers? We provide you a guide regarding how to protect your hands from the havoc wrecked by seasonal changes. Seasonal hand care should be an integral part of your beauty regime. Many of us conveniently neglect our hands resulting in dull chapped or calloused hand skin. if we take regular care of our hands, we can enjoy soft, smooth and healthy looking hands in any season.


Winter Season


Winter season is probably one of the most painful seasons for your hands to deal with. Some of the most common problems faced during this season are cracks, dry skin, wrinkles and weak nails. To deal with these effects there is a number of winter creams and hand lotions available in the market. Use the creams on a regular basis to avoid chapping of the skin. Lather your hands with hand lotion every time you wash your hands. If you suffer from cracked skin, rub hand cream over your hands and stuff them into hand gloves before going to sleep.


Use gloves when you do housework to avoid further damage to your hand skin. Wear mittens and gloves when you go out to protect your hands from the harsh weather. Massage your nails with petroleum jelly, nail oil, cocoa butter or even the liquid from a vitamin E capsule every night before going to sleep to keep them pink with health.


Summer Season


Summer seasons can cause hands to blister burn or become flaky. Use a good quality hand lotion specially designed for summers. Many different brands of such moisturizing lotions are available in the market. Use hand gloves while washing and drying and chemicals from cleansing liquids can cause further harm to your hands.


Monsoon Season


Monsoons can effects different skin types in different ways. The rainy season can actually dry your skin and at the same time over-hydrate oily skin. There are many hand care products to fight these symptoms, available in the market. Ensure that the skin is moisturized and well protected from easily spreading infections by washing hands regularly.


By following these tips, you can enjoy soft, glowing and healthy hands in every season.


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