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Deicers: Safety Versus Salt Damage

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When selecting less toxic deicers, follow these tips to minimize salt damage to plants.

•Don't use deicing salts adjacent to sensitive plants.

•Shovel early and often. Scrape away as much snow and ice as possible to minimize the need to use salt.

•If you must use salt, mix it with sand to reduce the amount needed. You only need about a handful of rock salt per square yard treated.

•Don't shovel salt-laden snow and ice onto plants.

•Construct temporary barriers using plastic, burlap, or snow fencing to keep snow piles off plants.

•Wrap newly planted conifers with burlap to protect them from salt spray.

•Plant salt-tolerant species in areas where salt use cannot be avoided.

•If plants have been exposed to excess salts, wash off the foliage, and irrigate thawed soils to help move the salts out of the root zone.

•Water plants every three weeks during winter if precipitation has not fallen, to help avoid plant stress


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