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Start your car window cleaning with the driver's door and front passenger's door. If your door has a window frame, lower the window approximately 1 inch to allow access to the top part of the glass. This part should be cleaned and dried first.


Spray with quality glass cleaner and buff dry. Now roll the window back up, and clean the remainder of the window. Pay attention to the corners of the windows, as this is where you will get most smears and streaks. Don't forget your driver's side and passenger's side mirrors.


While you're sitting down in the passenger's seat, clean the inside of the windshield.  It is easier to clean from the passenger's side, as your access is not obstructed by the steering wheel. Take your time around the rearview mirror, as it is only glued to your windshield. If you bump into the rearview mirror hard enough or at the right angle, you can break it loose from the glass.


The inside of the rear window is the most difficult to reach and should be done last.  The best technique for cleaning your rear window is to use the back side of your hand to guide your towel down into the corners.  Trying to use the palm of your hand will force you to be a contortionist and you will draw strange looks from your neighbors.


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