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Using car cleaner to clean your car window

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Cleaning your windows is one of the most tedious tasks you will face, but it is definitely worth doing. In addition to being a hazard, the effect of dirty glass can quickly ruin the appearance of your perfectly polished and waxed automobile. After you have completed all other detailing tasks, put the perfect touch on your car by detailing your car's glass.


Just as in the selection of car shampoo and car wax, no two car enthusiasts can agree on the ultimate auto glass cleaner for their car. Some people like ammonia car cleaners, while the purists will use nothing but clear water. Whatever you use, the principles are the same: clean, dry and polish.


I highly discourage the use of ammonia-based glass cleaners on your car.  While ammonia is a great glass cleaner for the home, ammonia is harmful to many car surfaces, including vinyl, rubber and leather. More importantly, the use of ammonia inside your car is harmful to your health. Use an automotive glass cleaner that specifically states it's safe to use on window-tint film. A glass cleaner that's safe for window-tint film will not harm the plastic and vinyl surfaces on your car.


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