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Wool coat's protection

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 Many girls like the wool clothing, but it is actually one kind which in the clothing and personal adornments is very difficult to handle. Each wool clothing and personal adornments dry clean every year two to three times, other time with the low temperature laundering, may choose the neutral wool detergent, the water temperature in 30~35, immersion wool clothing 10 minutes later rubs gently with the hand, the low temperature rinses two times again then. a wool amateur most worry's matter, is over year takes out when the cashmere sweater needs to iron burns the upper body, discovers on clothes presented some pinholes. Because of the wool rich protein content, many bugs like residing temporarily in which. Obviously when wool collection, certainly must pay attention to its worm-preventing ability whether to attain a designated standard, the new worm-preventing pill will wrap securely with the double-decked cotton paper, puts in cashmere sweater's pocket, or places between the cashmere sweater which two fold puts; Better means are against clothes eating insect's traditional Chinese medicine and a medicine grain of seam in fragrance bag, is hanging these fragrance bag in the wardrobe, makes it to send out the fragrance which slowly is heard a rumor the clothes eating insects flees.

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