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How to select the automobile cleansing agent correctly?

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Although the ordinary cleansing agent can achieve the clean automobile body surface the goal, but simultaneously also will clean the vehicle table wax level, what will be more fearful will be these cleansers assumes the alkalinity generally, will have the intense corrosiveness to the body varnish surface and the metal, will cause the paint surface to lose the light, to rust and so on phenomenon occurrences. Therefore the principle automobile cleansing agent is also important matter

(1) aquo-cleansing agent.

This kind of special-purpose cleansing agent is different with the oil removing degreaser, in its formula basic does not contain the alkalinity salts. The aquo-cleansing agent becomes not generally by many kinds of surface active agent configuration, has the strong infiltration and the dispersive capacity, can remove the automobile body surface the dust, the greasy dirt, to prevent the transportation membrane effectively the formation, protects the automobile body not each kind of deleterious substance corrosion, maintains the paint surface original gloss.

(2) Organic cleaner resolver.

The organic cleaner resolver mainly uses for to remove the automobile body surface the fat, the lubricating oil, the dirt, the paraffin wax, the silane polishing compound, the rubber processing assistant as well as the hand imprint and so on. Moreover cleans in the clean resolver before the thermoplastic acrylic acid finish coat, must read the product instruction booklet earnestly. Because the organic solvent has the above characteristic, therefore in the automobile improves looks must select reasonably according to the actual need.

(3) Two-in-one cleansing agent.

The two-in-one cleansing agent is one kind of high-level table finish coat cleanser, so-called two-in-one, namely clean, nursing two-in-one, both has the clean function, and has the waxing function, may satisfy the request which cleans fast concurrently waxes. The two-in-one cleansing agent mainly becomes by many kinds of surface active agent configuration. The waxing ingredient is one kind has unique formula privet it may in the clean work, become a cere in the paint face shape, increases the automobile body bright degree, protects the vehicle paint effectively.

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