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What should we pay attention to when using detergent?

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Clean detergent separable anion detergent, non-ionic detergent and positive ion detergent. This kind of goods have certain harm to person's health, causes the poison not to be serious. In the market sells each kind washes clothes the medicinal preparation, to wash sends the medicinal preparation, the kitchen with the detergent and so on principal constituent is the anion surface active agent, the sulfate or the muriate hydrocarbon, this kind of cleanser has the irritating quality to person's skin and the mucous membrane, may cause the chemical properties ophthalmodesmitis. If wrongly take it to be possible to cause the digestive tract and the mucous membrane stimulation symptom, disgusting, symptoms and so on vomit, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

    To prevent the poison, should conforms to the country sanitation standard clean detergent, each clean detergent should put independent vessel depositing, cannot mix uses, especially cannot mix together with food puts, otherwise is possibility to produce to the human body poisons. The variety different clean detergent cannot mix uses. Should point out specially that the baby milk bottle should better not use the clean detergent clean, otherwise may cause the baby digestive tract mucous membrane damage, causes the chronic intestinal tract illness.

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