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Are you able in using the hand soap?

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The hand soap is divided two broad headings, one kind is the ordinary hand soap, another is the disinfection product. The former plays the clean decontamination role, the latter only then includes antibacterial or the sterilization effective component. The hand soap does not have phosphorus, aluminum, alkali and so on generally, uses the principle that temperate decontamination, is accepted easily by the skin.

Washes the hands with the hand soap must be fastidious about the method. Use clear water full moist both hands first, take the right amount hand soap to rub at least above 30 seconds in palm both hands, during this process must pay attention to the fingertip and the finger seam, and enable the froth to cover entire hand's each part. After rubbing, flushes cleanly with the running water. Finally, the attention needs to use the clean dry towel or the paper goods dries, should better not dry, because the surface water fast volatility can cause the skin part to dehydrate, causes the skin to become dry, becomes rough.

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