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What is the detergent principal constituent?

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    The detergent principal constituent is the surface active agent ion surface active agent and amphion surface active agent these three kinds.

The surface active agent is in the molecular structure includes the water affinity base and close the oil base two parts of organic compounds. Generally it decompose according to whether the surface active agent in the peroxide solution into the ion, also divides into it the ion surface active agent and the non-ionic surface active agent two broad headings.

    The practice proved that laundering in the fabric only the anion surface active agent and the non-ionic surface active agent, what can play the frontage effective role to the fabric decontamination. Therefore these two kinds of surface active agent has become the clothing detergent primary materials.

    The detergent must have great wettability, permeability, emulsibility , dispersivity, to increase the solubility and to become spongy with performance these performance and so on antifoaming syntheses is the detergent wash performance. The detergent product type are many, basically may divide into the soap, the synthetic laundry detergent, the liquid detergent, the solid shape detergent and lip lipstick detergent several broad headings.


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