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How to clean automotive air conditioning's condenser?

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  In the normal condition, the vehicle air conditioning's tuyere has the pollen filter element, the function is preventing outside the vehicle air conditioning circulates when the exterior dust to enter. Clean air conditioning's time, must take off the pollen filter element, incites the air conditioning cleaner agent from the tuyere, simultaneously must fasten air conditioning's air outlet, avoids the air conditioning cleaner agent coming out from the air outlet class. After these two steps completed, launch the vehicle, opens the air conditioning, lets the cleaner agent carry on the internal recycling in the air-conditioning system, this step must continue several minutes, guarantee fluid cycle air-conditioning system's each channel. About 5 minutes, closes the air conditioning, flameout the vehicle, soon will flowed out from the air conditioning located at chassis's piping system. If your vehicle air conditioning is not very dirty, washed with this method is most economical.

  Another kind of washing process was takes apart and washing, takes apart and washing compares the first method to be troublesome more, first you must disassemble the gauge board, take out air conditioning's evaporator. Above the long time no cleaning air conditioning evaporator definitely has much dusts, you must use the brush to brush carefully .After this step has completed, installs the air conditioning, washes a talent with the first method to calculate that again washes.


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