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Best air fresh——orange

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  Each family has used the air fresh nearly, particularly in many families’ bathrooms, the air fresh , the aromatic compound and so on have become “the resident”. But in the air fresh's use, may many people have a mistake, thought as soon as use the air fresh, the family's air has been clean, in fact it is not so, the air fresh cannot clean the air, it only be confuses person's sense of smell through the sending out fragrance to come “desalt” the unusual smell, cannot eliminate the unusual smell gas. Also there is some air fresh, whose quality is inferiority, itself will also become the air source of pollution. But some health unrefined resin or fumigates with incense, after the ignition, produces the smog particle will also make gets married the air secondary pollution.

  Therefore, if want to keep the air fresh and clean, often open a window ventilates is the best means. But in family, if it must use the air fresh the situation, then must avoid having the babies and infants, asthma patient, the allergic physique to present. Puts an orange in the bedroom, its fresh smell can stimulate nervous system's excitement, lets the person god fresh air be crisp, can also eliminate the filthy air. Moreover favors the promotion sleep. In addition, the dried orange peel, the peppermint and so on that have the fragrant fragrance raw material for medicine also to be possible to treat as the natural flavoring agent.


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