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The home-use detergent using rule

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    The home-use detergent's principal constituent is the surface active agent, has the strong wash function, may remove on the tableware, fruits' grease stains and the agricultural chemicals effectively. Usually, it is safe, but cannot mix with the clean restroom medicinal preparation in the same place uses, because the clean restroom medicinal preparation is blends with the hydrochloric acid, the chlorine content is high, can produce the noxious gas - - chlorine when with the detergent interaction, easy to cause the human to be poisoned.

  Wash the fruits with the detergent, the immersion time must decide according to the epidermis different situation, for instance washes the strawberry and so on epidermis not to be smooth, soaks for several seconds then, otherwise the detergent will remain on; Washes the vegetables, only need soak for 30 seconds, is maximum limit removes the residual detergent, should use the running water clean for two times at least.

  Finally reminder housewife: Because of detergent degreasing ability, in the dry season use, will cause the skin to be cheerless, therefore after should smudge the skin care thing promptly.

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