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Hand soap each time only need one drop

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Present, the hand soap has substituted for the soap use gradually. When using hand soap, many people in order to prevent the washing is not cleanly, use massive hand soaps, moreover uses repeatedly. In fact, such depth clean will injure skin, not only enable the skin to maintain the moisture content, but also easier to let the germ invade. In addition, the restaurant, hotel, market, bar and so on public place also free provide the hand soap at present for the customer, but the expert pointed out that if possible, should better take a small soap, perhaps with the disinfection paper goods disinfection, avoids outside the use as far as possible the hand soap. Some public places often use the shoddy product, Production enterprise's production environment, jobholders' health have the question, the product quality non-examination report, moreover the Measure unit to be used will not have cleanly fills installs the condition, the tool and so on also to cause the pollution.

Moreover, get to home from outside must wash the hands first. In the family should better also use not injury soap, the soap box should better to be hollows out, in order to avoid make the soap immersion in the water. When choosing family hand soap, certainly must choose the regular factory production, because in the unqualified hand soap has coliform, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus, bacterial content exceeding the allowed figure, the harm is very big to the human body. When uses the hand soap, each time pressed leaves one drop to suffice, scrubbed repeatedly after the hand, must use the percolating water to flush above 15 seconds to be able to be clean the hand soap clean.

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