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Decontamination umbrella tips

    Toward the cup in a cup of bottom detergent, then but actually half cup of white vinegars, then adds water but actually first to the cup is full, stirred the liquid takes the brush to brush may easily eliminate the umbrella dirt.


The method of mirror cleaning

    The mirror had the dirt, the available soft cloth either the kind of fine white cloth dip a petroleum or wax cleaning, otherwise the mirror surface will be slurred, the glass easy to corrode. With dips the milk the cleaning rag to scratch the mirror, may cause its clear, luminous like new. When takes a bath, in the bathroom mirror is often smoked by the vapor slurred, may use the lotion or the detergent, uses to do cloth cleaning again, in the mirror surface forms soap fluid film, may prevent the mirror surface to be fuzzy.


How to clean the chewing gum which is glued to hair

    Sometimes we because of child's practical joke, but will glue on the chewing gum on the hair, we will be unable to say for certain to hold the hair very much to be clean, even must trim off the hair, in fact we may on the hair spurt on again send the hair gel, will then comb with the comb, like this can easily the chewing gum elimination.


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