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How to Make Hair Gel

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It's actually very easy to make hair gel. One really great way of doing it is to do two and a half cups of water and place them within a pot. Put it on your medium setting on your oven range and you're going to heat the water up with one tablespoon of Jello. Gelatin is very, very, very good in order to create the consistency of hair gel. So you're going to just do the two and a half cups of water, one tablespoon of gelatin, heat it up on a medium setting until it begins to boil. After it boils, remove it from the flame and allow it to cool down to about room temperature.


After it's cooled down to room temperature, you can then use it in order to style your hair. You, the consistency will be very gel-like, if you would want to make it a little bit harder, a harder consistency, more of a paste, you can add a little bit more gelatin.


Ultimately, you can kind of create, by using the two and a half cups of water and the one tablespoon of gelatin, your own gel. And then you can, then go through it and get it to the consistency that you like by altering each one of the ingredients and having it be, suit more your own personal tastes and style. You can actually refrigerate this gel thereafter, so once you are done and you have used your gel, you can leave it within the refrigerator and it will stay. And you may also reheat the gel to a bit of a luke-warm temperature if you want to dilute it a little bit. And then have it sit again towards room temperature, so that way you can use it. And that is how you make your own hair gel.


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