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Hair Gel: indispensable for short styles

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Using hair gel:

Hair gel is mainly used on short hair to style individual strands or create spikes. It's also used for hold and for taming rebellious strands.

Hairspray: the Eighties do!


Using hairspray:

Hairspray holds your hair in place whilst retaining its movement, and is also used while blow-drying. Spritz and roll your hair around a round brush while you blow-dry it and your hair will stay put for longer.


How to use:

Spray at a few centimetres' distance from your hair.



Natural: Spray hair at a distance of 30 centimetres from your head in circular movements. However, this won't give you very strong hold.


Sophisticated: for a more marked effect (big occasions only, otherwise it may look too harsh), spray at a distance of a few centimetres, paying particular attention to areas with free-moving strands.


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