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Car Cleaners for the car cleaner perfectionist

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Car bumper cleaners, car leather cleaners & car upholstery cleaners

Car cleaners come in many varieties to fit many needs and applications. What kind of soaps, detergents, degreasers or odor neutralizers do you need for the job? Whether it's car leather cleaners, car upholstery cleaners, glass cleaners or engine cleaners, you have come to the right site. We will gladly help you make the right choice among car cleaners that will please you.


Car bumper cleaner


If your bumper needs cleaning we have plenty of car bumper cleaner. Depending on the kind of bumper you have you can utilize any one or more of our car bumper cleaners. Some are better on rubber, others are better on chrome. Our friendly staff will gladly inform and educate the shopper who needs more information. Many of our car cleaner supplies break down and destroy mud, grease, dirt, and road grime on all kinds of surfaces. Some are even biodegradable.


Car leather cleaner & car upholstery cleaner


Car leather cleaners are specifically designed for use on leather surfaces and lifts away dirt and contaminants while leaving little to no residue or film. Our all purpose cleaners can do wonders to any car leather cleaning job you may encounter.'s car upholstery cleaners are top of the line and will make your upholstery like new, almost factory clean, with those tough stains gone. Color brighteners have also been added to restore your upholstery's hue.


Detergent manufacturer, dishwasher tablets/liquid, de-icer, car cleaner, hair gel, caddy set hand soap and lotionfragrance bag, toilet seat etc manufacturer in China, Ningbo Yongshang Investment Co.,Ltd. You are welcome to visit our website: 

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