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Making homemade windshield de-icer

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When the winter is coming, and along with the cold comes having to scrape the car windows every morning. That is a serious pain for us, considering I am height challenged. I have a difficult time reaching the center of the windshield.


Surfing the net looking for de-icing solutions, I came across some reader tips on The Dollar Stretcher. Here is some of helpful suggestion for this problem.


1. To place 3 parts vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle, spray the windshield and all the windows and mirrors before you go to bed at night, and in the morning you should have ice free windows. You can also use rubbing alcohol if you don't have any vinegar.


2. To use two parts rubbing alcohol to one part water, and you should have no more ice.


3. To place a lightweight tarp or an old sheet over your car, and any ice buildup should quickly melt away. Sometimes this doesn't work though, because where I live, we get too much snow for lil ole me to just pull off the tarp with all the snow on it.


4. To mix rubbing alcohol and a few drops of dish liquid. Spray the windshield and in a few minutes, the ice will lift right off. Makes scraping much easier.

What is your formula for removing ice and snow from your vehicle?


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