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What are some Different Types of Laundry Detergent?

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Today, you can find laundry detergent for nearly any type of fabric that can be machine-washed. From powder and liquid to regular strength and highly concentrated formulas, you can find an option that is convenient to use. There are other distinctions as well, such as oxygen formulas, laundry detergent with color safe bleach alternative, or mild formulas made specifically for cleaning delicates. For those who are sensitive to additives, there are dye free and fragrance free options. There is even laundry soap specifically for dark colors to help keep them from fading.
If you prefer powdered laundry detergent, look for brands that offer a quick dissolve formula. It is best to add powder to the washer first and then start the machine. Allow the laundry soap to begin dissolving before adding clothing. Keep powdered laundry detergent in a dry place. If it becomes damp, it may not dissolve well.
Many people find liquid laundry detergent more convenient than washing powder because they don’t have to wait for it to dissolve. You can just pour it in and go. Some also like it because a few extra drops can be used to treat stains instead of purchasing a separate stain remover.
While nothing cleans quite like bleach, obviously bleach is not recommended for all clothing. There is an alternative, a color safe bleach alternative. A laundry detergent with bleach alternative removes stains and brightens clothes. What about dark formula laundry detergent? If you don’t want your deepest colors to fade, don’t want your blacks to look more like grays, try a dark color formula.
When it comes to delicates, there are extra mild formulas of laundry detergent available. You should still follow the instructions on the care label. You may find that with specialty laundry soap and cold water, you’ll be able to machine-wash some items, on the gentle cycle, which would normally require hand washing.
These laundry products will not only help get your clothes clean but will also help keep them looking newer longer. Even if certain formulas tend to cost a bit more than others, they may be worth the extra expense. After all, replacing clothing can be very costly, so if you can make your clothes last longer by spending a few extra cents per load on special laundry detergent, you will probably come out ahead.
If you have sensitive skin, there are options specially made for you too from dye free to fragrance free. It may take some experimentation until you can find a formula that meets all your needs but there are many more choices today than ever before. It’s a good idea to avoid trying new laundry detergent while making changes in the other products you use. This way, if you have a reaction to something, you’ll be better able to narrow down what caused it.
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