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How to Style Hair with Hair Gel

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How to Style Hair with Hair Gel

Styling gel has been around for ages and is a great tool to get the shape you want for your hair. It's also easy and fun to use. There are many different brands of gel available in stores, but luckily, the basic steps to use the gel properly are the same. Follow these steps to get the most out of your hair gel.



Wash your hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo. Use a conditioner if desired. Styling hair is always easier if it is clean. When using hair gel, it's best to decide if you want your hair to have a wet look or a dry look once it is styled. With hair gel, it's possible to have either.



Apply the gel to your damp hair. This is to be done if you are going for a wet look. If you want a dry look, skip to Step 3. It is important not to use a blow dryer on your hair after you apply gel to it as this can cause a drying effect on your hair. Apply the gel, shape your hair as desired, and then allow your hair to air dry.



Apply the gel to your hair after you blow dry. Once you have applied the gel to your hair, shape you hair into the style you desire. Gel can help you create many different looks with your hair. Don't be afraid to experiment. There is no need to apply gel all over unless you wish to do so. It's okay to apply gel just in the areas you want to shape. Only a small amount of gel should be used on hair that has been blown dry.



Allow the gel to set. Give yourself about thirty minutes for it to set completely. If you apply hair gel and then jump immediately into a convertible with the top down, you are going to have a big mess when you reach your destination and this mess will be hard to fix. This step applies to both wet hair styling and dry hair styling.


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