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What are detergents?

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What are detergents?
Detergents are organic compounds, which have both polar and non-polar characteristics. They tend to exist at phase boundaries, where they are associated with both polar and non-polar media. Detergents are of three types: anionic, cationic, and non-ionic. Anionic and cationic have permanent negative or positive charges, attached to non-polar (hydrophobic) C-C chains. Non-ionic detergents have no such permanent charge; instead, they have a number of atoms which are weakly electropositive and electronegative. This is due to the electron-attracting power of oxygen atoms.

There are two kinds of detergents with different characteristics: phosphate detergents and surfactant detergents. Detergents that contain phosphates are highly caustic, and surfactant detergents are very toxic. The differences are that surfactant detergents are used to enhance the wetting, foaming, dispersing and emulsifying properties of detergents. Phosphate detergents are used in detergents to soften hard water and help suspend dirt in water.

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