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The role of the hair gel

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The role of the hair gel

There are many types of hold hair products available; gel is one of them, typically used to stiffen a hair style and keep it from falling apart. With a stronger hold than hair spray or spritz, the hair gel can maintain styles under more adverse conditions (wind, duration, etc.), but it is also less touchable and gives hair a stiffer appearance. Gel is preferred for many men’s hair styles because of its lasting hold, and the mildly wet appearance of gels is desirable for different styles.

A good hair gel has many positive properties to maintain healthy hair, including:

*         Conditioning agents to keep hair manageable.

*         Sunscreen components to protect hair from UV and other detrimental radiation.

*         Moisturizers to keep hair healthy (avoid gels using alcohol, which can excessively dry hair).

*         Vitamin extracts to promote healthy hair.

The level of hold a hair gel provides depends on its specific formula; most brands are rated by numbers, with larger numbers indicating a stronger, more durable hold.

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