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How to clean your beautiful car

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How to clean your beautiful car

First and foremost, you must gather all cleaning supplies that you’ll need upfront. Make sure that you have high pressure hose or hosepipe, pails, sponges, garbage bags, dusting cloths, cordless vacuum, car wash cleaning products, cotton bath or beach towels, wash clothes, furniture polish, window cleaner, and air freshener. Approximate time: 5 minutes

Second, you should pre-rinse and wet your car with clean water and a high pressure hose or hosepipe with a strong jet. This will enable you to remove the loose grit. Approximate time: 3 minutes

Third, you should pre-wash your car with a bucket of clean water and a superior car wash product, preferably one that contains conditioners and no built in polish. Approximate time: 10 minutes

Shampoo your car again with a sponge and cleaning pad. Work in circular motions and try not to scratch the paint. Rinse it thoroughly. Approximate time: 5 minutes

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