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About the car cleaner

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About the car cleaner

Wheels can be divided into two categories: painted and non painted.

Both have one thing in common: brake dust. Brake dust is the grayish material that coats the exterior of a wheel and goes a long way towards detracting from their appearance. The source of brake dust is the brake pads; as they wear, they turn into brake dust.

Special car cleaners are available that are designed to remove the brake dust and can be purchased to accommodate painted and not painted wheels.

If you are not sure if you have painted wheels, take some light polish and put it on a white towel (or another color if the wheel is white) and rub it on a small area of the wheel. If the surface of the rag is black you have a non painted (metal surface) wheel. If the towel is the color of the wheel, you have a painted wheel. If the towel is not black but the wheel appears to have a metal surface, you most likely have a clear coated wheel. Clear coated wheels can be treated just like painted wheels.

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